Call Monday-Friday before 10AM and we can deliver or service a container within 24 hours or less!!

Please call our Customer Service Team to discuss an upcoming project or to request service on a current container. We value your business and look forward to hearing from you.

Coastal Rolloff
4388 Old Santa Fe Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401

Phone: 805-543-0473
Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM to 5PM


  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day


How long can I keep the container?

You can keep the container as long as you need. However, depending on the length of service, there may be rental fees associated.

What happens if unacceptable items are put in the container?

Any material placed inside the container is the responsibility of the customer.

There is no room to place the container on the private property. Do I need an Encroachment Permit to place it on the street?

Depending on your location, Coastal Rolloff can place the container in the street with a city certified permit.

Here's a useful list of City links and phone numbers regarding encroachment permits.

Links to CitiesPhone
Arroyo Grande 805-473-5400
Avila Beach 805-595-2664
Cambria 805-927-6223
Cayucos  805-995-3290
Grover Beach 805-473-4520
Morro Bay 805-772-6261
Oceano 805-481-6730
Pismo Beach 805-773-4656
San Luis Obispo 805-781-4999
San Simeon 805-927-3500
Santa Margarita 805-451-8000

What is a Recycle Receipt?

A recycle receipt is a printout stating what percentage of material from your jobsite was recycled. Almost every jobsite is required to recycle a certain amount in order to obtain a permit. Please ask your city for more details.

How can I get a “Recycle Receipt” for my permit?

Please let us know if a "Recycle Receipt" will be required for your project. One can be provided at no additional cost.

How full can I load the container?

For heavy material loads, the maximum fill level will depend on the weight and we suggest segregating those materials into a separate 10 yard container. The maximum Coastal trucks can haul is 51,000 pounds less the weight of our trucks 27,000 lbs. For general mixed loads, all materials must be level and cannot exceed the top of the container.

Do I need a covered box?

Within every permit issued, there is language stating that all containers must be covered nightly in case of rain. We offer an assortment of lids and covers to keep rain and scavengers out.

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