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Residential Rolloff Containers

Renting a temporary rolloff container saves homeowners time and labor with their home remodel or clean out projects. Since 1960, area residents have used Coastal Rolloff to access their needs, and safely deliver their container in San Luis Obispo County within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

The cost of a rolloff container is based on the following:

  • Type of Waste to be Disposed
  • Weights and Measures
  • Container Size
  • Haul Time
  • Number of Days Container is On-Site


Call Monday-Friday before 10AM and we can deliver or service the container within 24 hours or less

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To save you time and headaches, here's the step by step process:

Step 1 – Write a description of the type and quantity of materials you need removed.

For a comprehensive list of what materials are accepted or not accepted in rolloff containers, please refer to the Materials section.

  • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris
    Materials used to build a house or structure like boards, wood, drywall, windows, doors, roofing shingles, tile, plywood, toilets, bathtubs, shower stalls, cabinets, countertops, etc.
  • Household Waste
    Items placed inside the home or building after it was built like clothes, furniture, carpet, etc.
  • Heavy Materials
    High-density materials like concrete, stone, asphalt, dirt, sod, brick, block, stumps, logs, etc.

Step 2 – Choose a container size.

It's not every day that we deal in the Cubic Yard of anything, but the chart below makes it easy. For example, if a garage has a pile of debris 18 feet long by 8 feet wide that equals 144 square feet. If the pile is 2 feet high that's 288 cubic feet. Knowing that a yard is 3 feet, divide 288 cubic feet by 27 (3 x 3 x 3) to calculate cubic yards.

Our experienced professionals will also help you select the right size(s) for your residential clean out, remodel or demolition project.

How to Calculate Cubic Yards

Length in Ft
Width in Ft
Square Ft
Height in Ft
Cubic Ft Divide by

18 x 8 = 144 x 2 = 288 27 = 10
10 x 10 = 100 x 10 = 1,000 27 = 37
Length in Ft 18 10
x Width in Ft 8 10
= Square Ft 144 100
x Height in Ft 2 10
= Cubic Ft 288 1000
Divide By 27 = 10 37

Diagram of Rolloff Container

Coastal Rolloff 10 yard rolloff container diagram.

These large containers are called many things:  bin, box, dumpster, or rolloff.

Coastal Rolloff Box Sizes

Open Top containers. 4 mil liners available.

Size Length Width Height Max Weight Locking
10 Yard 14' 8' 3'
20 Yard 18' 8' 4' 3 Tons Tops
30 Yard 22' 8' 5' 4 Tons Doors
33 Yard 22' 8' 5'7"
40 Yard 22' 8' 7' 5 Tons Doors

Job sites require covers. Options include:  Collapsible metal roll top, Covered sliding roll top, and Lids for storm water compliance.   1 Ton = 2,000 Pounds

Step 3 – Measure the area for adequate and safe rolloff placement.

Before ordering a container, it is wise to measure the area where you want the Coastal Rolloff driver to unload the container and to check that there are no overhead hazards like power lines and tree branches.

The images below show a dump-style truck unloading a rolloff container to a site. Note the overall length needed and up to 20 feet of aerial space is needed for safe container delivery and pickup.

If there isn't room to deliver the container on private property, please refer to Encroachment Permits.

Coastal Rolloff container delivery diagram.

Step 4 - Choose a delivery date.

There is generally a 24-hour work day lead time to consider when selecting your delivery date options, and we are closed on the holidays below.

  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Step 5 – Review the payment options.

Rolloff containers require payment in advance based on the estimate. Coastal Rolloff accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, checks and cash at the two locations below.

Coastal Rolloff
4388 Old Santa Fe Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Payment Office
4388 Old Santa Fe Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Step 6 – Request a quote online or call Coastal Rolloff

Hours:  Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 4:30PM

Step 7 – Meet the driver for the container delivery and placement.

Someone at least 18 years of age is required to be on site to meet the driver to explain where the container is to be placed, and to also answer the pre-delivery phone call from the driver.

Step 8 – Load acceptable materials evenly.

Please load the materials evenly in the container and do not fill above the top level. If the container is loaded unevenly or too high, it will impact safety, and California state law forbids us from transporting the container in this unlawful condition.

Step 9 – Request for container pickup online or call Coastal Rolloff.

Phone:805-543-0473Hours:  Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 4:30PM

Container Size Project Examples
10 yard Exterior remodel projects
High-density, bulky materials like roof shingles, concrete, bricks and siding.
20 yard Household cleanup
Old carpets, furniture, toys and other materials from attics and garages.

Interior remodel projects, small to medium
Removal of heavy materials such as sinks, tiles and bathroom fixtures.
30 yard Interior remodel projects, small to medium
Large amounts of carpet, furniture, rugs and other low-density materials.
40 yard Renovations, medium to large
Removal of large amounts of carpet, wood, furniture, rugs, and other low-density materials.
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