Every year, new products and building materials are now required to be recycled. To help guide our customers, we have designed this one-stop Materials section to outline what items are accepted and not accepted in rolloff containers in San Luis Obispo County.

If you do not see a particular item on the list, simply contact us online or call 805-543-0473 for clarification.

The Material major sections include:

Organic or Heavy Debris

If you have heavy materials like the items below, it is best to segregate in a separate 10 Yard box due to weight limitations.

MaterialAcceptedNot Accepted
Dirt X  
Logs X  
Sod X  
Tree stumps larger than 3 feet in diameter X  
Woody and plant materials X  
Yucca and palm stumps X  
Aggregate X  
Asphalt X  
Block X  
Brick X  
Concrete X  
Gravel X  
Masonry and rubble X  
Railroad ties
Rock X  
Steel X  
Stone X  

Construction & Demolition (C&D)

MaterialAcceptedNot Accepted
Asbestos-containing materials (friable)   X
Asbestos-containing materials (non-friable)   X
Asphaltic roofing shingles X  
Cabinets X  
Cardboard and paper products X  
Ceramic tile X  
Counter tops X  
Doors X  
Drywall, new clean, scrap X  
Electronics   X
Fluorescent and compact Fluorescent lamps   X
Glass X  
Gypsum board X  
Hazardous Waste   X
Heating & Cooling Units (note: Evac Fee) X  
Insulation X  
Large automotive parts   X
Lead-containing materials   X
Lighting fixtures X  
Liquid waste (mud, wet concrete, human waste)   X
Lumber, dimension  X  
Lumber, Treated X  
Marble X  
Metals like brass, copper, aluminum X  
Paints, oils   X
Particle board X  
Plastic X  
Plumbing fixtures   X  
Plywood X  
Products containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)   X
Roofing scrap X  
Solvents, chemicals, petroleum-derived products   X
Stucco X  
Tools X  
Trash, general X  
Windows X  
Wood, clean, unpainted, unstained, untreated X  

Inside Household, Garage, Office

MaterialAcceptedNot Accepted
Ammunition   X
Appliances  X  
Auto Parts   X
Cardboard and paper X  
Carpet X  
Carpet pad X  
Clothes, coats, shoes, boots, etc. X  
Electronics (anything with a cord)   X
Fluorescent and compact Fluorescent lamps   X
Furniture, desks, chairs, tables X  
Gas grill without propane tank   X
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)   X
Mattresses & box springs X  
Prescription drugs   X
Propane tanks   X
Sharps, needles   X
Styrofoam coolers, packing, cups, plates, etc. X  
Tires (note: extra fees)   X
Toys X  
Trash, general household X  


MaterialAcceptedNot Accepted
Ashes, hot or cold   X
Dead animals   X
Radioactive materials   X
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